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  • Life Care Planning for Babies through Adults

  • Serving Houston, Texas and nationwide

  • Projection of Medical Needs and Associated Costs

  • Economic Damage Analysis

  • Economic Loss Valuation

  • Medical Malpractice Expert Witness

  • Litigation Support Services

LifeCare Collaborative delivers sophisticated life care plans designed to project the life-long health care needs  of specific individuals who have disabled woman working on laptop at home been catastrophically injured or who have devastating chronic illness. For attorneys, that means providing an objective basis for economic loss valuation. Our life care plans are created by a transdisciplinary team of health care professionals who carefully evaluate the health care needs of each individual patient to optimize their quality of life and minimize complications arising from injury or illness. We are based in Houston, Texas. We help attorneys and their clients throughout the United States. We have nurses licensed in Texas, Florida and other states.

LifeCare Collaborative provides several types of service to our clients who may be personal injury litigating, estate planning, elder law and family law attorneys:

  • Comprehensive Life Care Plans are appropriate when there is expected to be long-term consequences of a medical liability or personal injury claim which may result in large expenditures over a period of many years. We work closely with attorneys and their clients to:
      1. Fully evaluate what will be required to sustain health, maintain quality of life, provide pain relief and restore functionality where possible,
      2. Determine how life expectancy has been changed by the injury or illness, and,
      3. Perform very clear and detailed cost analyses of lifetime expenses that will be incurred to provide the necessary medical care.


  • Medical Needs Assessments are extremely useful tools for attorneys or insurance companies to expedite more rapid resolution of personal injury claims. A Medical Needs Assessment is an overview of current costs to manage a specific injury which has a more limited scope than one for which a Comprehensive Life Care Plan is appropriate.


  • ChronicCare Plans™ are designed to help people with devastating chronic illness that causes severe disability to get a better idea what long-term medical needs are likely as a result from a chronic illness. A ChronicCare Plan is not a crystal ball but does give a reasonable understanding of what the chronic illness is likely to manifest and what it will take to manage those needs.


  • Case Screening is a way to rapidly and inexpensively determine whether there is a basis to pursue a case. This may be helpful when you are not sure yet whether to obtain medical records or to engage an expert or to decline a case.


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