Fees and Payment

The fundamental types of our fees are:

    • Fee for creation of a Comprehensive Life Care Plan:  Flat fee (as retainer + completion fee) or hourly fees – your choice.
    • Fee for creation of a Medical Needs Assessment:  Flat fee or hourly fees – your choice.
    • Fee for Review of an outside Life Care Plan. It may be less labor to review a plan presented by others. Reduced retainer or hourly fee – your choice.
    • Fees for Case Screening: Flat fee for two hours of initial screening. Hourly thereafter if you want a more comprehensive evaluation
    • Fees for other consulting work. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide a quotation appropriate for the tasks requested.
    • Reimbursement of out of pocket and travel expenses.

cutting costsOur flat fees paid as retainer + completion fees are typically actually less than charging by the hour because we are more efficient. Our retainer + completion fees reduce the overall cost to you to get a highly sophisticated, comprehensive plan.

Please note, Fees for deposition and trial appearances are billed separately by the testifying expert.