Which Service Do I Need

How to Know Which Service You Need

Comprehensive Life Care Plan

Medical Needs Assessment

ChronicCare Life Plan™


Catastrophic Injury Resulting in Major Medical Care

Need for Specific Surgical Interventions for Specific Injury after Specific Trauma.

Elderly or Chronically Ill Patient Needs to Map Out Medical Needs and Expenses.

Impact on Overall Health

Catastrophic or Major


Debilitating Chronic Multisystem Illness

Typical Attorney

Personal Injury  (Malpractice, Accident, Medical Device) Attorney

 Personal Injury (Auto/Truck/Industrial Accident) Attorney Eder Law or Estate Planning Attorney
Initiating Event

Accident, Malpractice, Adverse Drug Event, Medical Device Failure

Accident Worsening Chronic Illness
Organs Involved

Typical One or Few Organs Injured Resulting in Chronic Disability Involving Multiple Organs

 Typically Just Musculoskeletal System
Cardiovascular, Neurological, Metabolic, Rheumatological, Respiratory, Renal, Gastroenterology
Typical Type of Doctors Needed

Internists, Subspecialists, Surgeons, Anaesthesiologists, Pediatrics, Physiatrists, Neurologists

 Neurosurgeon or Orthopedic Surgeon
Internists, Subspecialists, Neurologists, Occasionally Surgeons

Often Complex

Focused Pre- or Post-Operative Typically Not the Main Focus
Rough Financial Impact

High Hundred Thousands to Millions

Low Hundred Thousands Hundred Thousands to Millions
Impact on Earning Capacity

Career Ending or Career Altering

 Partial or Temporary  Retirement