Why Choose Us

Because our Life Care Plans have resulted in large dollar resolutions of cases, at times even without need for depositions or trials. And we prevent large dollar resolutions when that is the appropriate outcome. We help get it right.

Our highly qualified transdisciplinary team gives greater insight into the life care planning needs of catastrophically injured and chronically ill clients. Our mission is to provide more than a comprehensive analysis, we aim to create a road map that helps the patient understand what to expect in the future, and helps attorneys determine what will be the anticipated expenditures to provide that care.  Choose us because:

  • We are transdisciplinary: We use an exceptional process that incorporates a number of disciplines as appropriate to the specific patient. The detailed and thorough analyses are generated by client and family interviews, comprehensive review of medical and billing records and coordination of care needs with a client’s physicians, health care providers. We then draft an insightful life care plans from these data and coordinate the assessment with the team of physicians and nurses at the LifeCare Collaborative. When appropriate, other professionals are called upon to participate in producing the plan. Such professionals could be pediatric nurse and physician specialists, PT/OT, case managers, vocational rehabilitation professionals, and others. Having access to a transdisciplinary team at the LifeCare Collaborative provides work-product which is ‘a cut above’.


  • We have excellent professional experience and insight: Our principals include Valerie Purcell, RN, MBA, CPHQ, CLCP, our CEO. She is a Board Certified Life Care Planner with exceptional experience in acute care, rehabilitation, and health care quality and risk management. Our principal physicians are Stella Fitzgibbons, M.D. and Ralph Mancini, M.D., team physiatrist. The combined capabilities of our entire team, including our team of life care planning consultants who have an array of backgrounds in pediatric and adult nursing, and rehabilitation therapies, are exceptional. Our expertise encompasses the spectrum of clinical care and rehabilitation of patients with life changing illnesses and administrative responsibility for the quality of care of hospitalized patients in multidisciplinary settings. See our “Who We Are” page for more details about our team.


  • Our Life Care Plans give guidance to the patient of projected lifelong health care needs and considers the complexities of medical problems imposed by or concurrent with an injury, the impact of an injury on functionality and implications of injury and illness on productivity and quality of life. The resultant life care plans are optimized to project actual and potential medical needs, resources required to promote activities of daily living and quality of life for our clients. The plan therefore constitutes a road map for the patient to consider what decisions will best improve and support his or her health.


  • Our analysis considers a spectrum of scenarios based on the clinical experience, education, and training of the collaborative members of our team and each client’s health care providers. The comprehensive nature of our Life Care Plans provides an objective basis for economic loss valuation. Life care plans compiled through LifeCare Collaborative provide attorneys and others an objective basis to connect the projects health care needs with the corresponding expenditures for those projected needs.