Case Screening and Evaluation

  • Unsure whether to pursue a case?
  • Want to save money if you can?
  • Prefer not to send the case to an expert before you are confident you have a meritorious case?
  • What are the merits of the case?
  • What went wrong?
  • Do the records bear out what the initial allegations say?



These are intended as quick screening of your cases to give you a good idea both what are the merits and what will be the big pitfalls in each case. Don’t get into a case with mounting expenses without first knowing where you are going. If you want a full case evaluation and workup we can do that, as well.

Taking on weak cases is expensive. So is sending out meritorious cases you don’t recognize as meritorious.


Priced to keep your expenses down.
It is like having a nurse + physician team in house to review your cases, but without the in-house expense.


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